family_comfortEveryday across the country thousands of homes, apartments and vacation properties are burglarized with and without home alarm systems. Northern Colorado is no different, and we have our share of break-ins, property damage and theft. There may be nothing scarier than the thought of a home intrusion when the family is home. Wouldn’t you want to be one of the ones protected with the features that come with installing home security systems?
There are many common sense solutions which any homeowner can take to minimize danger to family members and property loss from this sort of criminal mischief. A visit to our Design Center may be the first step, or an on-site visit by a Security & Sound consultant to begin planning a home security system which is just right for you. No matter what size your home is, Security & Sound Design has home security systems to fit your needs and your budget.

Our Home Alarm Systems

As an authorized Interlogix / GE Security Pro dealer, we offer a full range of home alarm systems for protecting multiple zones, all of which are programmable for fire or burglary. Our home security systems keep doors, windows, and garage doors secure. We even offer supervised wireless siren options and keyless entry.
With Interlogix / GE Security Pro systems, you’re protected 24/7, whether you’re at home or away. Many home alarm systems can be accessed with everyday mobile devices.

If you don’t feel secure about your new home security system, particularly with how it functions, then how secure are your really? One of our goals is to help customers understand what systems are available and how they work, without a bunch of techno jargon. After your security system is installed and tested, our staff will make sure you understand how it works.

A visit to our Design Center can take the mystery out of your investment. Our staff will demonstrate the features of the systems we offer, and carefully go through your best options. You will have an opportunity to test drive various components to get a feel for the system which will be right for you. So make an appointment today for your personalized walk through the Design Center and a hands on session with our technicians.

To schedule an appointment please call 970-686-1040

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