Home Security

Security and Sound Design provides top of the line products and reliable service to protect your home and valuables inside. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that while you are on vacation, or even at the movies, your home is being kept safe and secure with a home security system? We are an authorized dealer of the best in home security systems, so with a simple installation process your home can be protected with options such as alarms and cameras.
Never again will you wonder what is happening at your home while you are gone, and you can sleep safe and sound knowing that you are protected from intruders. Someone would be looking out for you 24/7 monitoring your alarm system for fire or break-ins. Let us provide this service and design a custom home security system for your residence.

Home Technology

Do you like to have a lot of house guests or do you like to spend time relaxing at home after a hard week at work? An updated home sound system can add an extra something to either experience. Imagine how a surround sound theater system would impress your guests. Picture yourself being able to go from room to room in your house listening to your favorite music clearly through wall speakers.

Our home technology and sound options are customized to meet your particular needs and home layout. We can even automate your home so that all your home technology can be controlled with the simple click of a button. Call us or visit our design center and we will discuss your needs and come up with the best design solution for your home.

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